Monday, July 22, 2013

Common Core Geometry

I've been a good little boy this summer. I've been at work on a complete overhaul of my geometry class. It's almost done. It's at Beauty, Rigor, Surprise, under Elementary Euclidean Geometry.

I had two goals in mind:

  1. Bring my class in line with the Common Core State Standards for geometry.
  2. Incorporate all the necessary changes that I'd mentally logged over the years but never had the time to incorporate into my notes and worksheets.

Nothing was left as it was. I've returned to every PointPoint, to every Word document and either reworked it or deleted it and begun new. All told, it represents six years and perhaps 10,000 hours of work, 500 or so of which were logged in the last two months.

The course is a proof course, from its start until its end. Proofs are given on the first day. Proofs are given on the last. Why such emphasis on proof? A proof is simply an explanation of the truth of a  proposition, and our first and most important function, we teachers of mathematics, is to explain.

Please peruse and give me your comments. If you believe that anything will be of help, please take it and use it. But do attribute it to its source.

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