Thursday, July 14, 2011

Grade Inflation

I make a most solemn pledge not to inflate grades. It seems that this will put me in a minority.

Below are the right standards:
A: Mastery
B: Solid grasp of almost all material.
C: Solid grasp of most material; shaky grasp of the remainder.
D: Shaky grasp of most material. No grasp of the remainder.
F: No grasp of most material.
I don't scale. Instead I design tests that distinguish between students based on the standards above.

I know what students need to know. I know how to teach it. I know how to test it. If no one deserves an A, then so be it. An A is for mastery, and if no one has that, then no one gets an A.

D's and F's are for those who have little or no grasp of the material. If that's you, you get a D or an F. If that's a third of the class, so be it.

Oh, and it's test where you display your knowledge. Homework is practice. Don't expect that you can half-ass a semester's work of homework, or copy it from someone else, and thereby help your grade. It won't work. You half-ass or copy, you fail the tests, you fail the class.

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